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It’s all about the money. Gotta get that money. Gimme dat cash. Get your hand outta my wallet, who says you gotta get a cut? My name’s Trevor Bickle, and greed is my game. I used to work as a late night taxi driver, cruising the mean streets of New York City in the 1970′s. I used to see all kids of filth out there. The strangest people would ride in my cab. I saw street walkers, dealers, corrupt politicians, criminals on the run. It got to where I couldn’t even get myself out of bed in the evening, before my nightly shifts. One day I got into a pretty bizarre incident that ended up with me being labeled a hero by all the local papers. Suddenly everybody knew my name. I wasn’t just the creepy taxi man any more. I started appearing on talk shows and at local sporting events. I was able to parlay my new fame into a comedy show on a major network. The dollars started pouring in. But I found that no matter how much money I made, I ended up spending the majority of it right away. I realized that I needed help. I went to my local public library and the reference librarian there helped me find some good books on saving money. I did a whole lot of reading and started to get better at keeping my bank account in check. And now I’m ready to pass that knowledge onto you, dear reader. Get ready for some primo articles about how you can keep the cash in line!


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