Obtaining a Hard Money Loan for an Investment Property

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Owning a home is a part of the American dream. Americans cannot wait until the day that they can finally afford their own home. A bank often provides us with a preapproval amount. This amount is the size or price of home that we can afford to purchase. In addition to that amount, we are charged high percentage rates of interest. This interest is our fee for borrowing that money for the home we wanted. What happens then, when we want to purchase a second home? What about an investment property? Do we have to wait until the first home is completely paid off? Oftentimes, the bank does not allow us to take out another mortgage until the first one is paid off, which can be up to 30 years long.

Fortunately, those with good credit and consistent equity have the ability to get more credit for se

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Turning Lottery Payments Into Cash Reducing Your Debt By Selling Your Annuity

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So: the “miracle” has happened and you’ve won the lottery. Nobody realistic plans on what they would do if they won the lottery — they dream about it, but they don’t think about what would realistically happen. However, believe it or not, people do win the lottery quite often. Unfortunately, winning the lottery is the easy part. The hard part is deciding what to do with your money next. Film and television often make it look like you win the lottery and cash just comes raining down — when this is hardly the case. In fact, figuring out what to do with your lottery winnings is a much more complicated process than anyone would imagine. You’ll usually be given two choices: you can either take your lottery winnings in a lump sum, or take them in an ann

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How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate

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Developing and investing in commercial property can be good business. It’s secure, stable, and profitable — but getting started in commercial real estate investment can seem complicated. Commercial real estate property development companies are leveraging the growth of the sector, sales of which by the end of 2013 were expected to increase by around 23%. The U.S commercial real estate market was valued at $12 trillion in 2012, with $8.7 billion of that being in The Real Estate Investment Trust for hotels and motels and $14.3 billion for public storage spaces. All in all, the potential is significant and demand for such spaces continues to be high.

Investing in commercial real estate ? which includes medical centers, of

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How to Know When a Town is on the Rise for Investment Sake

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Should I invest in real estate? Should I invest in property? What about commercial real estate versus residential? Why invest in REITs? How do I go about finding out how to invest? Is it a smart thing to do? Will the market crash again? What happens if it does? There are a million and one questions when in comes to investing in real estate and most of them are about the risk factor. The truth is, investing at all has a certain element of risk involved in it. You have to just assess the risk compared to the benefits and find out if it is going to be worth to you. If you are just getting started in t

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Smart Investments With Your Lottery Winnings

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You beat the odds and you were one of those rare people who won the lottery. You probably double checked your lottery ticket to ensure that you were actually seeing it correctly, but after numerous double checks, the numbers were still the same and you really were a lottery winner. You probably jumped up and down and then called your closest friends and family to tell them the good news. Your mother then asked you the question, what are you going to do? Are you going to take the lump sum or the structured settlement? After much consideration, it is likely that you took the monthly payments to ensure that you didn?t spend it all in one place, but now, years later, you are struggling to make your payments to your debt and you are still working many hours a week, trying to keep up. You could do a lot with

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4 Good Reasons to Sell Your Annuity or Lottery Payments

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If you are like most people, you dream of winning the lottery or a large lawsuit. In the United States, the most popular form of gambling is the lottery. It is played in all 50 states. What most people do not realize is that most lotteries and lawsuits do not pay out all at once. The Mega Millions jackpot pays its winners a lottery lump sum payout of $750,000 followed by annual payments that continue for about 30 years. If you have won a jackpot, there are ways to get your money sooner. Selling lottery payments or an annuity is not like selling other things. You will need a judge to approve the sale. The court needs to see that you h

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What You Could Do With Lottery Winnings

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Winning the lottery may seem like a dream come true. And it really is! But, what to do when you win the lottery is a big question. There are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Some of them are quite personal, involving family matters and who you are going to involve in the whole process and if you are going to give any money away and who to, etc, etc. Then there are the different payout options that you have such as annuity vs lump sum lottery winning payments. The whole thing can be quite a headache. You’ll want to make sure that you hire a financial adviser that has helped other lottery winners previously if you want to ensure correct

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Selling Fixed Annuities Can Eliminate Credit Card Debt and High Interest Payments

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The list of things to do on the house is growing:

  • refinish the wood floors in the kitchen
  • replace the siding on the house
  • purchase a new refrigerator and freezer
  • replace the carpeting
  • restain the kitchen cabinets
  • rebuild the deck
  • finish the basement

After 19 years in your current home, the entire space is beginning to show its age. Years of neglecting small projects that now require major attention has created an expensive to-do list. And while some of the changes are more cosmetic, the fact that the siding on the house has become spongey and will no longer hold paint means that this project requires immediate attention. As a family who has tried to remain fiscally responsible, you simply have not found the cash to complete th

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Selling Annuity Versus Receiving Structured Payments

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If you have come into a lot of money, you have a few choices about how you want to receive your money. You may find that it’s not as easy as just getting your money. You have different payout options that you will need to choose from. This article is designed to show you what you options would be but you should always retain the help and advice from a financial adviser that has helped people in your situation before. Whether you are receiving a settlement from a lawsuit or insurance claim, an inheritance or have won the lottery, you don’t have to settle with the first payout options that you hear about. Here are examples of payout options that you should consider.

Selling an Annuity Settlement

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Here’s What You Need to Be Looking for in an IPO Review to Get the Most out of Your Investment

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Initial public offerings, or IPOs, are some of the most underrated commodities on the entire market. Often going for 13-15% less than regular trading prices, IPOs could truly make or break your portfolio. Professional traders are constantly on the lookout for the “next big thing,” and these stocks are some of the most high-reward options you could ever invest in.

Unfortunately, you need to do a bit of work on your own to distinguish a dud from a superstar. An IPO review service allows you to see the entire snapshot of an IPO current state, as well as its potential moving forward. Without a IPO review service that can provide you with necessary tools, yo

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