Can College Students Invest in Real Estate?

Are you a college student? Are you in a hurry to make money before you graduate? The video offers a concise course on real estate for students, with a couple of interesting and daring strategies on how to become a real estate mogul before you receive your college degree.

The first strategy the presenter calls the College Hack. It calls for you to get a part-time job to start building a work history. The banks will want to see a 2-year work history before loaning you any money.

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Even if you start part-time, you can become full-time at your job over the summer. Then you can apply for a loan whilst using the money you earned to make a 3% downpayment on a house.

The next strategy is called seller financing. In this strategy, you will approach a landlord who no longer wants to deal with the stress and headache of renting. Visit the best maid service in Texas at site. Tell them you will rent the house for 5 years or more and take care of all the repairs, but in the end, you want to take the house off their hands. You may have to pay out three or four thousand in cash upfront plus your monthly rent. You can easily recoup this money by renting the place to other students. Now you know how to make money in real estate as a student.


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