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Commercial coin counting machines are cash counters that count money, specifically coins. These machines are efficient and productive, especially for businesses where bills and coins go from hand to hand each day. The machine will provide an accuracy rating of 100% for a business’s daily cash transactions. Commercial coin counting machines are essential in retail management systems where financial transactions are done all day, every day, and keeping systematic and meticulous track of how much comes in and goes out is crucial.

Many types of businesses in addition to retail deal with cash negotiations and proceedings as a matter of daily routine. Commercial coin counting machines are sold in a large variety of sizes, depending upon the volume of business the company does, and upon how much cash will usually be fed through the machine. These types of machines are versatile because of the many businesses they benefit. In banks, where money counter machines are sometimes located right behind the teller area, these machines can have padded coin bins that greatly reduce the sound of the coins falling through the slots. Often a coin sorter and counter will have optional wrapping as well as bagging attachments in order to save time.

Currency sorter machines and commercial coin counting machines have been found to be useful in many locations, for many different types of businesses. As mentioned earlier, they can always be found in many local banks, and can be exclusively for the use of the bank tellers, or can be located standing in another section of the bank for the use of bank customers. People can use these machines to break down their currency without having to wait on lines, therefore improving the operational efficiency of the bank and increasing customer traffic. Counting money by hand will typically need to be done more than once in order to be sure the total is correct. However, the possibility of human error is always there. Utilizing commercial coin counting machines eliminates the question of whether or not the numbers are correct.

Banks also take advantage of cheque scanners which enable them to scan checks for deposit whenever needed without having to wait. Agencies such as Motor Vehicle Departments and town and city clerk offices are also able to speed up the process of helping customers with the use of cheque scanners.

Supermarkets and grocery stores are finding more and more that customers appreciate the fact that commercial coin counting machines are available for their use, and that these machines provide opportunity for them to finish their business faster. Arcades and amusement parks are able to enhance their operations by installing coin counter machines, at the same time improving and speeding up transactions for their cashiers.

Any business that takes in any volume of cash and checks each day will, in addition, benefit by installing a counterfeit detection machine. These machines use infrared technology to identify the infrared security aspects incorporated onto currency.

Many people have asked the question, what is a cash recycler? A cash recycler is a machine that handles the giving out and taking in of cash during both teller transactions and vault transactions. Used in credit unions and banks, this machine automates the cash cycle, and keeps track of how much cash is available. It sorts money by denomination and stores it until it is needed. With its counterfeit detection feature, the cash recycler checks each bill before it is stored for full authentication. It dispenses cash for check cashing purposes and withdrawals from customer accounts. By storing incoming cash and handing the same cash back out, the money is being recycled, as opposed to the bank needing to order cash to be shipped often by armored car or FED.

The use of a cash recycler saves both time and trips to the vault. Because the money is available from the machine, which is easily accessed by the tellers, there is much less need to go to and from the bank’s vault for certain transactions. The money is easily attainable, efficiently counted, and sorted by denomination for immediate use. Customers are helped more quickly and the bank’s operations are done swiftly and flawlessly.

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