Home Improvements to Consider Before Summer is Over

Summer is the perfect time to put your home improvement ideas into practice since the period presents suitable remodeling weather. In addition, if you have kids, you can enjoy extra help and quality family time during their school holidays, enabling you to accomplish the tasks efficiently. Summer home improvements are not just for homeowners but for property managers as well.

These managers can also take advantage of the peak moving season by swiftly upgrading their properties and attracting new clients. Besides increasing the chances of getting new renters, the home improvements will also help satisfy and retain current residents, minimizing the risk of losing clients.

So, what type of home improvements can you look at before summer is over to make the best of the sunny season?

Projects to Improve Your Home During Summer

You can identify and undertake various projects to boost your home’s appearance and state during summer. Below are some common tasks you can conveniently pursue as a homeowner or residential property manager to increase comfort and home value:

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Among the easiest ways of enhancing your home is performing a thorough cleaning session and removing clutter. Organizing your house with necessary things allows you to part with unnecessary items that no longer bring your family joy. Depending on the items’ condition, you can donate or sell them to earn the extra money for further home upgrades.

During this clean-up, you can contact a dryer vent cleaning service to help keep your machines in top condition for high performance. Summer also presents ideal weather to air out areas like a basement or garage before colder months arrive.

2. Check the Cable and HVAC Systems

You want to check and tune up your HVAC system to maintain comfortable home conditions during the summer and the cooler fall and winter days. Replacing or cleaning your filters improves airflow, which in turn facilitates efficiency to keep your HVAC running smoothly with a longer lifespan. Generally, you want to change your filters every thirty to ninety days to keep your indoor air quality excellent and allergies at bay.

If you have electronic and Wi-Fi devices, you can look into professional antenna installation to ensure all your systems and cable connections can function properly. Expert assistance is especially vital if you undertake a significant improvement project that may interfere with your home’s installed wiring and connections. You want to unwind and spend family time after a long day without concerns about poor signals.

3. Repairing Doors and Windows

Repairing or replacing your doors and windows during summer enables you to enhance home insulation. This improvement helps your heating and cooling system perform efficiently without energy wastage and loss of conditioned air. Furthermore, better doors and windows eliminate gaps between the frames, enhancing pest control, since you can comfortably keep bugs away.

You can also install a new garage door to enhance your house’s exterior appeal. The latest models incorporate additional features that increase your home’s security while making the door more durable to resist wear from basketball games and parking mishaps.

4. Replace the Vinyl Siding

You can replace your vinyl siding with a contemporary version, with the market providing it in different colors and styles. Siding installation requires careful measurements and cuts to ensure maximum protection for your home. It is generally advisable to get professional help to avoid waves and ripple damage during poor installation.

5. Repaint Your House

The sunny summer days offer a suitable opportunity to repaint your home, since the heat allows the paint to cure properly for longer-lasting use. You can repair any blemishes within and outside your home and paint over the structure with your preferred color. One of the biggest advantages of painting is its flexibility, since you can easily correct any mistakes you make. Notably, you can paint the entire house or parts of it white to make it appear brighter and bigger.

6. Install a New Roof

It is time to install a new roof when you have leaks in your commercial flat roofing or dealing with increasing mold problems in your home. To prevent significant issues, you also need to inspect your roof for other less obvious signs of damage, including loose or missing tiles. Summer provides friendly conditions to make roof replacement efficient and comfortable. You can look at the latest designs and colors available on the market to find the perfect upgrade that will complement your home’s architecture and style.

7. Re-stain Your Deck

You can enhance your house’s beauty by stripping and re-staining your deck. The project is entirely outdoors, making it an ideal choice to undertake before the summer is over. You can use the power-washing technique to clean and prepare your deck for staining.

With this method, you want to begin with the lowest pressure and slowly increase without exceeding 1500psi. However, you need to adjust the water pressure carefully because excessive pressure can damage the boards by etching the wood. It is also vital to know your deck equipment, since you must choose the proper stain for your wood type.

8. Maintain the Outdoor Areas

With many people spending time outdoors during summer, having a lovely yard adds a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to your home. Reaching out to a pest control service to spray surrounding bushes and thickets keeps bugs from your area for a comfortable night outdoors.

You can landscape your front yard and add a garden, increasing your home’s value while making it more aesthetically pleasing. Planting a garden also combines beauty and health, since you can grow food besides attractive flowers. If you need to cut a tree or two during the landscaping, you can contact a stump grinder rental to help you clear the area.

Aside from these, you can work on fence repairs to boost your premises’ security while sprucing up the external appearance. You can trim shrubs and woody vines if your fencing features espalier.

9. Clean the Gutters

When you have a clogged gutter, you risk further issues around your home, such as interior flooding, landscape erosion, foundation damage, and driveway cracks. Hence, it is vital to check your gutter before the summer is over to remove debris from the summer storms and make the structures ready for the coming winter. You can easily clean your gutter using a bucket, heavy-duty gloves, a ladder, a gutter-cleaning attachment for your garden hose. Purchasing a gutter guard also increases protection, since it stops leaves from gathering in the gutter.

10. Reseal Your Driveway

You can conveniently reseal your asphalt driveway during summer and extend its lifespan. Although the average period for resealing is three to ten years, the climate in your area may require you to reseal your driveway frequently. Areas with heavy snow and rain and regions with hot and steamy summer days can often result in cracking asphalt. You can contact professionals to do this task for you, since it can be a messy and sticky job. In addition, the tar used to reseal the surface is extremely hot, making it dangerous if you do not have the experience and proper protective equipment.

How to Enhance Your Indoor Areas

Part of your home improvements to consider before summer is over is remodeling your indoor areas. You want your rooms to match your spruced-up exterior for a comfortable, even, and upgraded look. The following are some updates you can incorporate in different indoor sections of your home:

1. Get Wallpaper and Beadboard

Wallpapers are available in various colors and patterns, allowing you to choose a self-adhesive option that perfectly suits your desires and interior d├ęcor. The sticking method is easy to install and remove, enhancing your convenience during future remodeling. Contact expert witness to give you info about top four types of construction claims. Moreover, you can add a traditional look to your bathroom and kitchen by installing beaded boards. It is essential to finish the board with a waterproof sealant to increase durability when setting it up near a sink.

2. Conceal Wall Blemishes

Whether you are dealing with a residential concrete wall or a home with drywall structures, random holes around the place do not look appealing. An all-purpose drywall compound and an adhesive patch are suitable when tackling larger holes. You can utilize a surfacing compound and a putty knife to conceal minor imperfections such as nail holes. Afterward, you can then paint over the dried patch to match the rest of the walls.

3. Install Backsplash Tiles

Another way of improving your indoors is putting a backsplash around your kitchen and bathroom walls. You can choose to organize them in your bathroom in the traditional patterns or rearrange them to form a unique and dazzling pattern to show your personality. When installing them in the kitchen, picking one bold color without texture or pattern is advisable to transform its mood without appearing cluttered.

4. Update Your Bathroom and Kitchen

You can conveniently update your bathroom by painting accessories such as cabinets to add a playful and unique look to the space. In addition, you can contact metal suppliers for quality metallic components and use them to replace plastic and acrylic rings around your shower. You can also clean the grout lines to give your bathroom a refreshed look with the vibrant tiles. Installing a new and controllable showerhead lets you increase water conservation and save your water costs.

You can also change the countertop of your kitchen island, allowing you to merge traditional and contemporary styles for an impactful upgrade. Getting a new faucet helps boost your kitchen’s appearance while adding to your water-saving efforts.

5. Spice Up Your Cabinets

You can improve your cabinets by removing the factory-issued pulls and handles and replacing them with stylish designs that fit your preferences. Metallic hardware blends with any paint color, ensuring you do not have to re-invest in future cabinet makeovers. If you love uniqueness, you can go to a flea market or antique shops to search for eclectic and special pieces.

Additionally, you can put up a medicine cabinet in your bathroom for additional storage space. Georgia maids have the ultimate cleaning guide when it comes to whole house disinfection. Using a drill and stud finder, you can use a flush-mounted cabinet that you can efficiently install within an hour. Papering the cabinet’s back with an adhesive shelf liner allows you to add style to the structure and improve the overall look.

6. Fix Your Lighting System

You can incorporate dimmers in your lights, such as in the dining room, creating a calming and luxurious atmosphere as though you were in a high-end restaurant. The most popular dimmer switch is a rotary dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity by rotating the knob counterclockwise and clockwise. Besides this, you can utilize special dimmable LED lights or fluorescent lights to produce the dimming effect.

You can also boost your outdoor appearance by hanging weather-resistant string lights. These lights can instantly improve your deck or patio for outdoor relaxation with your loved ones. You can easily install the lights using carabiners and screw eyes that facilitate sturdiness to keep them steady and durable throughout the year.

7. Install Ceiling Fans

Adding ceiling fans to your home helps you stay cool while simultaneously reducing your energy costs from the HVAC system. The fans offer an eco-friendly solution that you can utilize when all you require is air movement. During summer, install your ceiling fans and run them counterclockwise to aid in creating a downdraft, delivering a direct and cooling breeze.

Despite appearances, you can also operate a ceiling fan during winter. The fan during cold months should run in a clockwise direction, forming an updraft that lifts cool air while circulating warm air around the room. You can find the switch to change the winter and summer modes on the side of most fan bases.

Using these improvement ideas, you can enhance your home or property’s appearance and make it more comfortable for all residents. These tips can also help you boost your house’s value, increasing your convenience when looking to sell it or gain more renters in a competitive real estate world. The easy-to-do checklist ensures you can quickly finish remodeling and improving your home in time to enjoy the remaining summer days while fully ready to welcome the cooler fall and winter months.


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