How to Find a Financial Planning Service You Trust

If you’re looking into hiring a financial planning service, then you know how important it is to find someone you trust. If this person is going to help you manage your money, maybe offer investment advice, or create a path toward the future you are trying to create, then you need to know this person is competent and reliable.

Everyone’s financial situation is unique, therefore you will have a specific set of needs and goals that your financial advisor should adapt to. If you find your advisor isn’t listening to and considering your wishes, that is a red flag.

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They shouldn’t be trying to sell you something you don’t want or need. If anything, they should be trying to teach you financial literacy so you can better articulate where you want your money to go and why.

Even though everyone’s needs are unique, that doesn’t mean reviews and recommendations aren’t useful. To be afraid to ask around. Especially if you have never hired a financial planning service before, it can be good to talk to people who can tell you what makes their financial advisor really good, or what made a previous one really bad.


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