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Commercial real estate often requires a different, and sometimes more difficult, skill set than residential real estate. It is one thing to buy a house with your savings or 401k to fix up and sell. But it is a completely different ball game to spend millions or even billions of dollars on real estate for other investors. Douglas e fleit, Co founder and CEO of American Real Estate Partners does just that. With his partners, they have created a platform with the singular focus of optimizing the quality and quantity of leasing income throughout their portfolio.

Douglas e. fleit and company use over 246 years of aggregated experience to buy, build and lease commercial real estate. To provide solid returns for their investors, they are diligent and knowledgeable in capital markets, leasing, asset management, development, financial controls, construction, report and research, asset management, acquisitions and depositions.

Douglas fleit and American Real Estate Partners use their network of lenders, brokers and property owners to acquire a majority of their properties in off market transactions. Combined with their ability to identify operational improvements and asset repositioning, they can mitigate risk and determine the true value of an asset. This gives them a competitive edge and makes them a leader in commercial real estate.

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