The Myriad Benefits of the Currency Sorting Machine

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If you run something like a bank or a pharmacy, we’re not going to sit here and wax poetic to you about the benefits of a currency sorting machine — you already have one. What we might do is send you and your fellow high rollers on a road trip to extol the benefits of the currency sorting machine to smaller businesses everywhere. We need to convince the florists, tea shops, and 7-Elevens out there that having a currency sorting machine to count loose coins and bank notes for them is absolutely worth the investment. Below are a few reasons why:

1. Cash counters improve accounting accuracy.
The average store clerk (and even the above average store clerk), will make the occasional counting mistake. It’s a statistical inevitability considering the many hundreds of dollars and loose coins they handle in a day. A good currency sorter machine (and even just an average one), will make zero mistakes, plain and simple.

2. Money counter machines improve your business’s efficiency.
Those same above-average store clerks, heck, especially the above-average store clerks, will probably double or triple count money during a transaction to ensure accuracy. This is good policy, but it does waste time. A currency sorting machine will make this practice obsolete without sacrificing any accuracy.

3. Currency counter machines improve the customer experience.
Time is also an important resource to your customer. Nobody likes to be held up at the register while the beleagured clerk smooths out their bills or fumbles with the pennies for change. By investing in a currency counting machine, you are insuring a seamless, fast, and pleasant experience for you customer which will improve customer loyalty and potentially lead to yet more customers via word of mouth advertising.

4. Cash counters improve security and reduce risks of loss.
Most good cash counting machines come equipped with some sort of counterfeit bill and coin detection system (either an internal scale or an image scanner). If you’re thinking that the counterfeiting problem disappeared with the advent of computers, think again. People counterfeit all the time, and a cash counter will help you protect against this scam! Cash counters will also lead to more accurate book keeping, which will help you detect any skimming off the top or revenue irregularities with surety and speed.

Get our cash counter today (but shop around)
of course we’re not suggesting that every florist needs a bank grade currency sorting machine. Models range from around $250 to over $1,000, so do your homework. Thankfully, we live in the good old U S of A and so buying stuff, even obscure stuff like a cash counter, is easy as pie. Literally just start googling and comparing specs, features, and prices! (Also, it’d be a good idea to email whoever set up your POS system and ask them if they know of any wholesale deals).

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