Top 8 Home Improvement Projects You Can Do on a Simple Budget Plan

Who doesn’t love a home refresh every once in a while? From the most basic decluttering to simple decor switch-ups, to the more engaging ones like kitchen remodels and new floor installations; home improvement projects are among the best decisions a homeowner can make. And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg as one can make a simple budget plan that gives your home the upgrade you are looking for, as well as remaining within your budget.

Cheap doesn’t always have to mean low grade or poor quality. It can mean finding alternatives that fit into your well-thought-through, elaborate, yet simple budget plan. Let’s explore some improvements you can consider for your home and still not break the bank.

1. Remodel your Kitchen

When you think of remodeling a kitchen, your mind quickly runs to tearing down walls, hiring a cabinet designer, bringing in granite countertop installers, and painters, buying new appliances, and spending thousands of dollars. But this is not the reality you want to embrace if you are working on a tight budget. Unless your kitchen is completely run down and busted and needs a complete overhaul, you may only need to engage one or two contractors to work on different aspects of how your kitchen looks, focusing specifically on what needs improvement.

If you are working with a simple budget plan, you will be pleased to know that a simple paint job, installing a removable wallpaper backsplash, and working with granite countertop installers who will give your countertops a brand new life can take your kitchen from 0 to 100 in a minute while allowing you to stick to a simple budget plan.

2. Renovate Your Bathroom

Instagram selfie-ready bathrooms; who doesn’t want one? But how much would it cost? If you are wondering if your simple budget plan can pull off a chic, bright and trendy bathroom renovation, then you had better get on your feet and do your happy dance. It is possible to remain on budget and achieve an improved look in your bathroom.

How? Well, think along the lines of a new bathroom curtain, floating shelves, faux plants, a cute centerpiece rug, a piece of art or painting hung on an idle wall, a scent diffuser, and a good scrub down. You could even consider painting your door and adding removable wallpaper on the wall. Most of the items can be bought from a thrift or goodwill store if you have a good eye. So don’t let your simple budget plan limit you and don’t get put off by expensive brand names; get creative!

3. Install New Flooring

Deciding on what to do with your floors can be a daunting task, right? There are so many options to consider, so many designs to choose from, and the money involved may not make much sense if you are looking to keep things within budget. So, what do you do? Giving up is not an option. Take your pen and paper, sit down and map out what you want on the new floor, like a vision board, then do some research and put down a simple budget plan that you can work with to keep you grounded and sane on the money front. The simple budget plan will give you a pretty good idea of what you are able to achieve with the money you’ve set aside for the flooring improvements.

Carpets and rugs are among the most affordable ways of giving your floors an uplift. Carpet companies have a wide range of carpeting products to choose from. They range from cheap options, moderately costly, to the very high-end options you can go to later when you can afford to splurge. Carpets also come in varied designs and colors, giving you an unlimited choice to go through until you find something that goes well with your space and taste.

Carpets can be installed wall-to-wall. Carpet companies will most likely offer to install and perform periodic maintenance on your carpets at a friendly price. The most significant benefit of this option is that you can always find something that fits your simple budget plan, and remember, carpeting is a renter-friendly home improvement option! Find some local carpet companies in the directory and give them a call!

4. Add a Fence To Your Property

Home doesn’t just mean the inside of the house! Let’s get that lid off. The feeling of being home starts way before you get into the house. Right from the driveway, onto the patio, to the door; all that is home. With that out of the way, we suggest thinking about fencing as a home improvement option too.

You might be completely happy with how your home looks and can hold off on any improvements you had in mind for a little bit. But, your fence might be giving you restless moments because it’s not all that. Some fence improvement options can be DIY, which means a simple budget plan will work perfectly. But don’t be afraid of calling a fence company because you are afraid of the cost.

Always make sure you discuss your budget with them and allow them to give you every option that’s within your budget limit. You may be surprised to find that your simple budget plan doesn’t put them off at all. In fact, most fence companies pride themselves on being able to customize packages based on client requirements and budgetary limits. If your budget is extremely lean, you should consider having some fence repairs done instead of a major overhaul. The point is to ensure there is a noticeable improvement.

5. Replace Your Garage Door

Most garage doors face the street. They are usually the biggest visual feature anyone sees as they face your house. If it’s old, rusty, or clashes with the style of your home, you might want to do something to bump up your curb appeal. Buying a new garage door is a decision you will have to live with for a long while, decades even; so, do your research thoroughly before settling. You should know that garage door install is fairly inexpensive in most cases. In the simple budget plan that you created for this home improvement, make sure you have included the fact that you will be selling your current garage door.

This way, part of your budget will be covered by what you recoup from the sale. Garage doors have evolved over time. They can now be adapted to various architectural styles. They come in different materials, such as steel, aluminum, tempered glass, wood, and fiberglass with vinyl, which is the most affordable option. You can even opt for a pergola this time. The best time to do this is on a warm dry day. You don’t want anyone on your curb on a snowy or rainy day attempting the installation of a garage! Not a pretty sight!

Among the positive reasons you should consider home improvement projects are endless. For starters, your home will look way better, and you’ll have beefed up your security. Your home value will definitely go up. If you weren’t able to access your garage often because the door was faulty, then, viola, you can now put your garage into good use once again, all on a simple budget plan!

6. Repair Your Roof

No one notices the roof really unless it is raining and there’s a leak! But the roof is one of the key accents of a house. It takes up quite a big chunk of visual real estate. If it looks good on the outside, exceptionally good, then be sure that people will notice. It will no longer be the ignored part of your home.

You may be wondering why roofing made it to this simple budget plan home improvement list because we all know that roofs are not cheap! You are right, roofing is not cheap, but repairs and upgrades can be. Like any other professional job, you need to call the pros and walk them through your needs. In fact, the roof companies will offer to send a roof technician who will come over and do an assessment of your roof’s condition before recommending what should be done and giving you a quote for it.

Don’t neglect your roof, especially if it has a glaring issue such as a leak. Small leaks can cause big problems later on. Water damage and a mold colony that spreads to your walls and eventually your floor will force you to throw out your simple budget plan and fork out more than you had planned for in order to fix all the new issues. Roofing improvements are not mandatory if it’s merely for aesthetic appeal, but if we are talking about repairs to leaks or damage, then you had better get to it before it cascades downwards.

7. Install New Windows

Windows are a necessary part of any house or building. They add lighting to a home, assist with the critical task of ventilation, and provide residents with a chance to enjoy the scenic views outside, which can be very therapeutic. You might also want to watch your children as they play in the backyard. Windows actually speak volumes for the style, accent, mood, and appearance of a home. They are no longer just basic amenities in a home. They have evolved over time and replacement window companies now double up as interior design pros!

You are looking at all the grand window designs on the internet, and your enthusiasm is dampened by the seemingly limiting factor of your simple budget plan! Hey, as noted earlier, cheap doesn’t always mean low grade. And it doesn’t always mean ugly! Window replacement is a chance to add to your home a stylish statement. So, don’t let having to look through leads of options become a daunting task. The more options you have, the more likely you will find something to suit your taste and budget.

The most popular and affordable window options are the single and double-hung, and the arched types. These are available from all window replacement companies. With these, though their designs are limited in variety, you can play around with the glass types and sizes to make them custom-fit. They are just right for your simple budget plan and home accent!

8. Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

The outdoors have more than enough options to consider as home improvement projects to take on. You won’t be short of options regardless of how lean your simple budget plan is! The options here range from painting your front door to adding plants for color inspiration to seeking tree trimming services for your bushes, to stone patio installation, to adding artificial grass, or bringing in some luxurious outdoor furniture. The list is endless!

Think about what you fancy most about the outdoors. What is most important to you is based on your style and taste. This is a critical consideration you should incorporate into your outdoor revamp. There are so many outdoor improvement companies that can offer you a wide range of solutions. Get some inspiration from the internet and outdoor design magazines before doing anything major. You want to be able to make the best-informed style decisions for your space.

Home improvement projects can be extremely exciting and also equally stressful. Budgets can get out of hand and decisions can be regretted as soon as they are made. You are not alone. The emotional roller coaster comes with the territory. You can stretch a simple budget plan to pull off a home improvement project on a budget without compromising on the quality of fixtures or your personal sense of style. Just a little bit of creativity and ingenuity and you are good to go.

You have control over most of the different aspects of home improvement projects, especially if DIY is involved. To minimize frustration, skyrocketing costs, and impulse purchases, try your best to do extensive research beforehand, create a vision board for inspiration and finally, stick to the simple budget plan you had made.



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